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Think of us as the loyalty layer on top of your property management, that boosts renter satisfaction, on-time rent payments and lease renewals. 

drive results that matter

Reimagine loyalty with the largest reward and credit building program on the market.

Increase on-time rent payments

Reduce delinquencies by rewarding timely payments with rewards and credit reporting.

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Incentivize good tenant behavior

Inspire action on maintenance reports, social media reviews, surveys and more.

drive retention & renewals

Motivate renters with a path to greater financial stability and pride in renting! 

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of renters would be more likely to pay rent on-time if their rent is reported

Differentiating your properties is crucial in the changing market

More renters

2021 marked a record high number of renters and low of new homeowners. 

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drop in homeownership among millennials over last 10 years


2023 is set to break records for a record high number of rental units.

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increase in residential construction permitting

Higher deliquincy

Renters are feeling strapped, which impacts your bottom line, with salary growth not in line with rental growth.

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average rental listing price increase in 2021

Piñata is the new, technology-driven "welcome wagon packet" to change how we welcome, onboard and appreciate our renters.

Andy Probst, CEO, HomeRiver

transform your renter experience

Deliver the super amenity that attracts and retains renters.

rewards & savings on everyday expenses

Delight your renters every month with Piñata Cash, our in-app currency, to spend on rewards of their choice. They also have access to a huge marketplace of deals, including at businesses local to them.

With a constant influx of new rewards and partner discounts, we keep your renters engaged and motivated.

Experiences include:

Welcome of $30 gift card and reward of their choice

Piñata Cash every month to spend on rewards

20 Piñata Cash bonus for paying rent on-time and in-full

Discounts on essentials, like renters insurance

Access to over 300,000 deals in our exclusive marketplace

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credit building for rent payments

Give your renters the credit they deserve with rent payment reporting to all 3 major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion). This unlocks doors to better financial stability and opportunities.

Most renters experience an average boost of 60 points to their credit score with rent reporting!

Experiences include:

Reporting of on-time rent payments (including back reporting)

20 Piñata Cash bonus when their rent is reported

Record of their rent payments and reporting history

Education on how credit building works and the benefits

U.S.-based customer success team to ensure they are supported

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of Piñata renters consider rent reporting important to signing a lease

The word is out

The best property managers choose Piñata

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join the nation's largest renter rewards network

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Instant & easy setup

We’ve made onboarding a cinch no matter what property management software you use!

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1. Book a demo

Use our form below to get a walk through of Piñata with one of our Account Managers.

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2. Setup your account

Send your rent roll, tenant directory and logo; we invite your renters. No integration required!

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3. We do the rest

We provide everything that you need, from email templates to social media posts to signage.

Let's get you started

Fill out the form and our Account Executive will set up a time to demo the platform and answer all your questions.

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Questions and answers

The good news is there is no need for an integration for our systems to communicate, which saves you money! We operate entirely on automated/schedule reports. We will work with you to set up monthly scheduled reports to be sent to our team.

Yes, the platform is entirely secure and we have the best mechanisms in place to ensure you and your renters’ data is protected at all times.

Each month, your renters receive 20 Piñata Cash for being a renter on the platform. Once we receive your monthly automated report, our team will verify who paid their rent on time (and who didn’t) and reward them an additional 20 Piñata Cash accordingly. There is no work that needs to be done on your end in the monthly rewarding process!

Your renters will continue to pay rent the same way they currently are! This process does not change. The way we verify that they pay their rent on time is by receiving those monthly reports.

We can report your renters’ on-time rent payments to the credit bureaus to help them build their credit. Your residents can choose the free
option, which reports their on-time rent payments to TransUnion. We also have a premium option, which reports to all three bureaus, which also offers a revenue opportunity for you. Connect with our sales team to learn more!

Our primary goal is to help renters increase their credit score and provide a financially stable foundation to build off of. We only report on time rent payments to the credit bureaus, unless you as a management company ask us to report delinquent payments on a case by case basis. 

Piñata has exclusive partnerships with brands and businesses on the platform that offer revenue generating opportunities for the business. This coupled with other in app purchase opportunities allow Piñata to offer the platform at little cost to the management company!

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