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Property owners and operators love Piñata® because the Piñata platform boosts your bottom line, increases revenue and attracts & retains top-tier renters.

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“There’s more competition than ever... What can I offer that renters will love?”

The data overwhelmingly supports that happy renters refer their friends, renew their leases and take better care of their units and homes. Piñata was created to make renters feel rewarded and more financially secure.

Transform your

renter experience

Create more inspired and loyal tenants

Reward your renters every month with Piñata Cash, our in-app currency, to spend on rewards of their choice. They also have access to curated deals designed with renters in mind.

+ 100 more

Increase on-time rent payments and boost net operating income

Piñata’s reward and credit building program connects on-time rent payment with rewards, leading to significant improvements in cash flow management.


of Piñata renters pay rent on-time every month

Give your renters the credit they deserve

Piñata’s rent reporting tool, Credit Engine, automatically reports to all 3 major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion). When your renters have good credit it leads to better financial decision making, like paying rent on-time.

Turn your tenants into world-class renters

Piñata makes it easy to inspire key actions like early lease renewals, referring friends, rating your property, unit maintenance, custom surveys and more.


of Piñata members renew their contracts

   Chosen by the best property managers:

“Piñata is the new, technology-driven ‘welcome wagon packet’ to change how we welcome, onboard and appreciate our renters.”

Andy Probst — Homeriver CEO

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The good news is there is no need for an integration for our systems to communicate, which saves you money! We operate entirely on automated/schedule reports. We will work with you to set up monthly scheduled reports to be sent to our team.

Yes, the platform is entirely secure and we have the best mechanisms in place to ensure you and your renters’ data is protected at all times.

Each month, your renters receive 20 Piñata Cash for being a renter on the platform. Once we receive your monthly automated report, our team will verify who paid their rent on time (and who didn’t) and reward them an additional 20 Piñata Cash accordingly. There is no work that needs to be done on your end in the monthly rewarding process!

Your renters will continue to pay rent the same way they currently are! This process does not change. The way we verify that they pay their rent on time is by receiving those monthly reports.

We can report your renters’ on-time rent payments to the credit bureaus to help them build their credit. Your residents can choose the free
option, which reports their on-time rent payments to TransUnion. We also have a premium option, which reports to all three bureaus, which also offers a revenue opportunity for you. Connect with our sales team to learn more!

Our primary goal is to help renters increase their credit score and provide a financially stable foundation to build off of. We only report on time rent payments to the credit bureaus, unless you as a management company ask us to report delinquent payments on a case by case basis. 

Piñata has exclusive partnerships with brands and businesses on the platform that offer revenue generating opportunities for the business. This coupled with other in app purchase opportunities allow Piñata to offer the platform at little cost to the management company!

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