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Meet Piñata®: the first rewards program that connects your brand with the nation’s largest network of renters and property management companies, which is a far more powerful and cost-effective method of conversion than traditional ad platforms.

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Connect with over 110M+ renters in the US

We live in a RENTER NATION that’s growing larger every day. Doesn’t it make sense to connect your brand with the nation’s fastest growing network of renters?


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We make rent rewarding with your brand front and center

Turn renters into loyal customers with premium placement, featured highlights, reward surges and giveaways. You can even be featured within our communication platform for deeper integration.


renters in the US 36% of US households

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If you call a feather heavy, maybe. Joking aside, we’ll design the visuals so all you have to do is approve it and provide us with a URL, and either one-time use or multi-use promo codes. That’s it!

We have promoted brands through our Instagram influencer network with more than 2.5M viewers, on our newsletter, through push notifications, in addition to opportunities to be featured on our app’s home screen.

Brands that are looking for distribution by either giving free samples or a first subscription of real value for free do extremely well. Because users redeem their limited Pinata Cash for rewards they most value, we have seen conversion rates of over 90% for some brand partners from free trial to subscription, making Pinata their highest converting channel.

We have over 100K active users distributed across the US. Our users skew female and younger in the 22-35 age range, but we have renters across the spectrum.

We typically try and ensure our users don’t come out of pocket to redeem rewards. That said, if there is a CPA, the discount is deep, and the product has a low enough cost, we have been able to work out arrangements to make this work.

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