Our mission is to make rent smarter & more rewarding for all.

We are committed to building the world’s most beloved and useful place for renters to make their lives more rewarding, affordable and secure.

Our mission

We are harmonizing the relationship between landlord and tenant.

That means delightful rewards, improving people’s credit scores and discounts that improve people’s lives just for meeting their largest monthly expense. No matter where you are on a renter’s journey, Piñata will be there for you.

Our belief

Landlords and renters are the heroes of our story.

We bring renters, landlords and communities closer using smart tech and common sense. And we won’t stop until the world’s best landlords and renters are powered by Piñata.

What matters
to us


We never settle. We never cut corners. We stay radically focused on the things that will dramatically advance the cause.


We disrupt the status quo in imaginative, surprising in forward-thinking ways.


There is a lot of mistrust in the digital age. That's why we value transparency and honesty. We are open about how the platform works, how we use data and how we make money.

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Want to help make rent more rewarding for all?

We are hiring the best in product, design, account management and communications.


The world is taking notice!

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