Get major rewards for spreading the renter love. Renter Nation isn’t just a community. It’s a movement!

What you’ll get

As a member of Piñata you already get rewarded with credit building, rent rewards and giveaways… And now, as a member of Renter Nation you can majorly boost your rewards and gift cards!

How to join


Become a Member

Simply tap the ‘Apply now’ button to apply for our Renter Nation movement in just a few taps. It’s quick and easy, taking only a few minutes of your time.


Await Confirmation

Congratulations if your application is accepted! Stay alert, as an email with the next steps is heading to your inbox.


Ignite Your Imagination

It’s time to dive in! Witness your content resonate with a vibrant community of renters. Enjoy the journey!

Here’s what they’re saying

Get on the waitlist!

Due to popular demand, the Piñata ambassador program is temporarily filled up. Please fill in the information below and we will inform you when it’s back on with more ways to get rewarded!

How it works!

Renter Nation Ambassadors enjoy flexibility in their engagement levels, from referring friends to actively promoting Piñ Whether sharing experiences, creating content, or collaborating with our product team, every effort is rewarded. 


It's a breeze!

Silver Renter Nation Ambassador

Profile Description:

As an Instagram follower with a private account or fewer than 300 followers, you simply would like to be part of RenterNation and spread the word in your private circle of friends. Join the Silver RenterNation Program and elevate your impact!


Active member

Gold Renter Nation Ambassador

Profile Description: Boasting a public account with over 300 followers and engaging content, you’re on the rise. The Gold RenterNation Program offers you exciting opportunities to shine and amplify your influence.


Super fans

Platinum Renter Nation Ambassador

Profile Description:

You are not just an influencer; you’re a devoted fan with a public account and over 1000 followers. Embrace the role of an affiliate marketer, actively promoting Piñata and recommending it to gather sign-ups. Your efforts are rewarded for each sign-up. Step into the Platinum RenterNation Program and let your ambassador journey soar to new heights!