Make rent rewarding

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Make rent rewarding

Piñata®, the reward and credit building program for renters, lets you earn rewards, save on everyday expenses and boost your credit score for a sweeter rental experience. Rent just got an upgrade.

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Rent is broken. We're going to fix it.

Rent is broken. We're going to fix it.

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Use the free app to keep tabs on your rent payments and get our in-app currency called Piñata Cash to spend on rewards of your choice. You get Piñata Cash every month, along with ways to earn more everyday. 

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Rewards are a download away, starting with a $30 gift card just for creating an account!

Spend your Piñata Cash on rewards

Spend your monthly windfall of Piñata Cash on curated rewards that fill your body, soul, and home with tip-top products and services from standout national, and local brands.

And, with exclusive access to our marketplace with over 300,000 deals, you can squirrel away up to $4,500 annually. Renting never tasted so good.

Your rent just got an upgrade.

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Boost your credit score

Pinata’s Credit Engine can supercharge your credit score by up to 42 points. Finally get the credit you deserve for your largest monthly expense…your rent. The best part, it’s free.

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We are partnered with TransUnion, a major credit bureau to report your rent.

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Rewards reimagined

We’re making it rain with stuff you need and love, from outstanding brands.

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Learn how Piñata can help you connect with your audience.

Piñata for landlords

Level up your renter relationships and create custom incentives for your renters.

Piñata for Brands

Connect to new customers through our rewards or marketplace experiences.

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Questions and answers

Your membership gives you Piñata Cash on rent day, builds your credit and gives you access to thousands of deals!

Nope, any renter, no matter the landlord, is able to create an account with us.

Nope. You’ll continue to pay rent to your landlord in whatever way you currently are. You just input your rent payment due date in the app and you’re good to go! If you want free credit-building you’ll connect your bank account so we can send your verified rent payments to TransUnion, a major credit bureau. Simple as pie.

Yes! We report your rent payment to one of the three major credit bureaus, free of charge.

We encrypt all key personal data and only use trusted partners like Stripe and Plaid, which are used by major banks and other financial institutions. Piñata can never see users’ personal information or access bank account credentials.

We make money through paid memberships with landlords and property managers.

No. Since you don’t pay rent through Piñata and continue to pay rent to your landlord in whatever way you currently are, we only report verified rent payments to TransUnion, a major credit bureau. Simply input your rent payment due date in the app, and connect your bank account for verification, and you are good to go!

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