Piñata Pay

Get exclusive access to Piñata’s No-Fee Checking Account that rewards renters for every dollar saved and spent.

Piñata Pay is now part of Piñata’s credit-building and rewards membership program.

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Where All Good Deeds Get Rewarded!

Win game-changing giveaways

Get tickets to win mega prizes for every $1 you deposit.

Piñata Pay gives away prizes every month like a home theater makeover, high-end kitchenware or gift card spending sprees.

Get rewards for everything you buy!

It’s simple: Get cash back or Piñata Points to use for rewards you know and love for every dollar spent with Piñata Pay.

Easily add Piñata Pay to your Google or Apple wallets.

apple and google wallets

Secure, trustworthy banking

  • FDIC insured up to $250k
  • Best-in-class security and compliance
  • Account protection with SSO

It's A Cinch!

Open your Piñata app
Go to Piñata Pay
Activate your card
Once your digital card is activated, link your bank account and make your first deposit. The rewards start when your first dollar hits your account.
Piñata Pay is free to use as part of the Piñata Credit Building and Rewards membership program.