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Piñata is the first reward and credit building engine for renters. Piñata members earn rewards for on-time rent payments while having the opportunity to boost their credit scores.

People are renting more than ever before:


Renters in the US 36% of US households


Annual spend on rent 78% live paycheck to paycheck


Monthly rental transactions
11.4M spend > 50% of income on rent

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Piñata offers access to an entire world of renters spread throughout the country waiting to connect with brands, products and services. Our rewards program is a curated experience designed to appeal to our member’s unique preferences.


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When you join Piñata you’re joining an exclusive marketplace with a dedicated audience. Members can shop for cash-back deals and discounts and other custom opportunities.

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Piñata in the news

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“Serving as the link between landlords and tenants, Piñata is assisting both amid the coronavirus pandemic by asking the former to nominate financially burdened residents to benefit from its rent relief campaign.”

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“Piñata is one example of a startup that’s navigating the pandemic with agility and connectedness.”

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“Piñata — which is available on iOS and Android mobile devices in the U.S. — is free to download, and earns users rewards simply for being renters.”

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“Olympian Ryan Lochte and “Mean Girls” star Jonathan Bennett have teamed up to help fans everywhere — particularly fans who rent an apartment.”

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