Introducing Piñata+

Here’s the thing to know about most reward programs: They are NOT all created equal. You find a reward you love only to discover it takes forever to accrue enough points to redeem it. Or you search through a maze of reward options only to discover there’s nothing that you actually want. We’ve all been there!

When we set out to create Piñata, the goal was simple yet anything but easy: create the first rewards program designed exclusively for renters.

This meant complete and continuous dedication to discovering awesome brands, venues and services. Moreover, our vigilance would require an ongoing commitment to making our rewards program something truly special. And while we are just getting started, we are thrilled with where this is all headed. 

As a member of Piñata you get Piñata Cash every month to spend on rewards, at no cost to you. And now, after reviewing valuable customer feedback, we are introducing Piñata+, a supercharged rewards experience.

Here’s what you get with Piñata+:

  • Premium rewards exclusive to members
  • Chance to win $1000 towards your rent every month – you’re enrolled automatically!
  • Satisfaction guarantee – cancel anytime

If you’ve already got Piñata, you can sign up right from the Account screen. If you’re new to Piñata, download the app to get started!

Sample of rewards available with Piñata+
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