Crack open the power of rent

Life is expensive. That’s why we created the first reward and credit building program for renters. 

Crack open the power of rent

Life is expensive. That’s why we created the first reward and credit building program for renters.

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Rewards are a download away.

Enjoy a $30 gift card just for creating an account!

Easy to use, 
easy to enjoy

Easy to use, easy to enjoy

A good rewards program should not feel like work. That’s why we created an experience that is simple and fun.

Image showing the rent day experience on the Piñata app

Get a Piñata Cash boost!

Every time you verify your on-time rent you get Piñata Cash. It’s that simple. 

If your landlord is a Piñata Member, we’ll give you a Piñata Cash bonus.

The power of choice

A little Piñata Cash goes a long way. Start with something like ClassPass or TaskRabbit, or save up for a big ticket item like a Casper mattress. 

You also get a $30 gift card just for signing up along with gifts from us along the way!

Image showing the rewards shop within the Piñata app and some sample rewards brands
Image showing the deals marketplace in the Piñata app as well as some brands featured there

Save on everyday expenses

Our exclusive marketplace brings you discounts and cash back offers on national and local brands that you love. Enjoy an average savings of $4,500/year!

We've made it easy to save your favorite deals and curate a marketplace tailored to what you love.

Earn, unlock and give back

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Share the love

When your friend signs up for Piñata you both get a major Piñata Cash boost!

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Unlock deals with Max Smash

Save Max from hostile smashers and get awesome deals after ever play.

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Giving back means real impact

That’s why we kept it simple: you pay rent on-time, we provide a meal to those in need.

Download the Piñata App

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Refer a landlord, get majorly rewarded

Earn up to $500 when you refer your landlord and they become a Piñata member. You’ll also get an extra Piñata Cash boost every month!

Yes, Piñata is free!

Piñata is available for all renters, so that they can finally build credit and get the rewarding experience they deserve.

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