Renter retention, powered by Piñata

Piñata is the first rent rewards platform created with renters in mind. Think of it as a new type of amenity that boosts renter satisfaction, on-time rent payments and lease renewals.

iPad showing the Piñata PMC platform with an iPhone showing the Piñata renter app

Elevate your renter relationships

Turn rent day into reward day

Inspire your renters to pay rent on-time each month.

Custom incentives

Reward your renters with customized incentives.

Differentiate your properties

Give your renters another reason to renew with Piñata cash boosts.

Piñata Pro logo

Piñata Pro is an awesome new amenity for your tenants. Imagining offering something totally new: The first reward and credit building program for your renters. 

What your renters get:
  • A welcome $30 gift card and a $25 restaurant gift card
  • Premium Piñata Cash when they pay rent on-time, to redeem awesome rewards anytime
  • Exclusive perks marketplace for big savings
  • Pre-renewal gift surprise
  • Surprise and delight with gifts and prizes

Create custom incentives for your renters, for things like early lease renewals, timely maintenance reports, social media reviews and surveys.

Image showing an iPad with Piñata's property management platform and then an iPhone with our renter app

Renters deserve more

Welcome gifts galore

$30 gift card and a Piñata Cash boost to spend on awesome rewards.

Rent rewards

Renters earn Piñata Cash every month they pay rent on-time.

Credit building

Reporting rent payments to credit bureaus so renters can boost their score.

Savings year round

Access to an exclusive marketplace with discounts on everyday expenses.

Games & surprises

In-app experiences that keep Piñata fresh, exciting and evolving .

Customer support

Our dedicated, U.S.-based customer support team is standing by for questions.

Piñata created a sleek and intuitive user experience

Give your renters the credit they deserve

Our credit building program is the most affordable and comprehensive on the market.

We turbocharge your renters’ credit score by offering:

  • Reporting to all 3 credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax and Transunion
  • On-time and delinquent payments
  • Rent payment history and timeline in the app
  • Credit score and credit factors in the app
  • Identity theft protection


And it gets better: your renters also get Piñata Cash boosts every month to redeem rewards.

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Setting up your account is easy

All you do is send your rent roll, tenant directory and logo and we do the rest!

We onboard your tenants

Our team will send an invite to your renters to activate their account. Once they are set up, they will start getting rewarded on day one. Moving forward, all you need is your monthly rent roll and tenant directory to keep the rewards flowing.

Let's get you set up

All you do is fill out the form and one of our account managers will set up a time to demo the platform and answer all your questions.

Bring your tenants Piñata

Frequently asked questions

Piñata is “platform agnostic” because we don’t need to integrate into third-party management systems. This means all you have to do is provide us a rent roll and we do the rest.

Piñata is compliant with the highest data security standards. We use AWS and adhere to the following best practices: MFA, IAM users with limited roles, locked down security groups, bastions where needed, controlled VPC network traffic with segmented subnets and log analysis. All APIs are HTTPS secured. Additionally all fields in our database with personally identifiable information are encrypted.

Piñata makes money through our paid premium membership for stand-alone renters called Piñata+, our Piñata marketplace, our Credit Building program, and through our PiñataPRO membership for property management companies and landlords.

Piñata also offers a free version for renters, with an option to upgrade to Piñata+. In the near future we will be introducing products and services such as the first zero interest credit card for renters.

There’s many ways for members to earn Piñata Cash boosts every day of the month. For instance, once a renter verifies their on-time rent payment they get an automatic Piñata cash infusion. Members can get extra Piñata cash by doing things like referring friends or taking surveys.

Piñata also offers a free version for renters, with an option to upgrade to Piñata+. In the near future we will be introducing products and services such as the first zero interest credit card for renters.

Piñata in the news

Forbes magazine logo

“Serving as the link between landlords and tenants, Piñata is assisting both amid the coronavirus pandemic by asking the former to nominate financially burdened residents to benefit from its rent relief campaign.”

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“Piñata is one example of a startup that’s navigating the pandemic with agility and connectedness.”

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“Piñata — which is available on iOS and Android mobile devices in the U.S. — is free to download, and earns users rewards simply for being renters.”

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“Olympian Ryan Lochte and “Mean Girls” star Jonathan Bennett have teamed up to help fans everywhere — particularly fans who rent an apartment.”

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